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How to See Who Rewatched Your Snapchat Story: A Guide for the Curious User



Snapchat has revolutionized the way we share moments, with its Snapchat stories feature allowing users to post content that disappears after 24 hours. However, for many avid users, it’s not just about sharing a moment but also seeing who is revisiting these moments.

Snapchat Plus subscribers have the unique ability to satisfy this curiosity by checking who rewatched their stories.

Understanding Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories are a collection of Snaps that create a narrative, visible to friends for 24 hours. These stories have become a staple in digital communication, allowing users to share their day-to-day life, special events, or spontaneous thoughts. The ephemeral nature of these stories adds a layer of urgency, prompting friends to view them before they disappear. But beyond the initial view, some moments are so captivating that friends may revisit them, leading to a rewatch.

The Curiosity Behind Rewatches

Knowing who rewatched your story isn’t just a matter of vanity; it can provide insights into who finds your content most engaging or who may be taking a special interest in your life. For influencers and regular users alike, this information is valuable for understanding their audience better.

Snapchat Plus: An Overview

Snapchat Plus is the platform’s premium subscription service, priced at $3.99 per month. It offers a suite of exclusive features that enhance the Snapchat experience. One of the most talked-about benefits is the ability to see rewatch counts on stories, a feature not available to standard Snapchat users.

Exclusive Feature: Rewatch Indicator for Snapchat Plus Subscribers

For those eager to discover who is rewatching their stories, Snapchat Plus offers a rewatch indicator. This feature shows the total number of friends who rewatched a story, rather than the total number of rewatches. It’s an important distinction that maintains a level of privacy while still providing valuable feedback to the story poster.

Step-by-Step Guide: Checking Rewatches on Snapchat Plus

If you’re a Snapchat Plus subscriber, here’s how you can see who rewatched your story:

  1. Open the Snapchat story you’re curious about.
  2. Swipe up on the story, and look for the eyes emoji.
  3. The number next to this emoji represents the rewatch count.
  4. By tapping on the emoji, you can see the names of the friends who have taken another peek at your story.

This simple process allows you to gauge which stories resonate most with your audience, potentially influencing the content you choose to share in the future.

Additional Benefits of Snapchat Plus

Beyond the rewatch indicator, Snapchat Plus offers a plethora of features that cater to the dedicated Snapchat user. You can pin a friend as a BFF for quick access, choose from custom app icons, and even display a Snapchat+ badge on your profile. The subscription also allows you to see Snapchat Plus planets, an innovative way to visualize your “closeness” to someone based on your interactions.

Subscribers get priority when their replies are sent to Community Stories, and they can select a unique emoji to appear next to their name after someone views their Snap. Exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds are available, along with the option to set a Story Timer for stories to expire after a week, rather than the standard 24 hours. Other customization options include changing the camera border color, selecting custom notification sounds for specific friends, and staying updated on friends’ Snapscore changes.

The ability to customize chat wallpapers, the capture button, and even gift Snapchat+ to non-subscribers rounds out the list of perks that come with the subscription. These additional features make the experience more personal and enjoyable, catering to those who want to make the most out of their Snapchat presence.

Standard Snapchat Users: What You’re Missing

For those who haven’t subscribed to Snapchat Plus, the ability to see who rewatched your story is not available. Standard users can see who viewed their stories, but there’s no indication of whether a friend has viewed it more than once. This limitation means that if you’re keen on understanding which friends are most engaged with your content, Snapchat Plus might be a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you see the exact number of times a story was rewatched?

Snapchat Plus only shows the number of friends who have rewatched your story, not the exact number of times it was rewatched. This means if a friend watches your story three times, it still only counts as one rewatch in the indicator.

Is it possible to see who rewatched your story without Snapchat Plus?

No, this feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, you won’t have access to the rewatch count or the identities of those who rewatched your story.

Do rewatch counts include views from non-friends?

The rewatch indicator only includes rewatches from friends. Views from users who are not your friends on Snapchat do not contribute to the rewatch count.

How does the rewatch feature impact user privacy?

Snapchat has designed the rewatch feature to respect user privacy. Only the number of friends who rewatched a story is displayed, not the total number of rewatches. Additionally, only the story poster can see this information, ensuring that viewers’ privacy is maintained.


The ability to see who rewatched your Snapchat story is an intriguing feature that adds another layer of interaction between users. While it’s an exclusive benefit for Snapchat Plus subscribers, it’s a testament to the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience. Whether you’re an influencer, a brand, or someone who loves sharing their life through Snaps, this feature provides valuable insights into your audience’s engagement.

Before you decide to subscribe to Snapchat Plus, consider how much value you place on these additional metrics and whether the other features align with your Snapchat usage. If knowing who’s rewatching your stories is important to you, then the subscription could be a worthwhile addition.