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How to See Birthdays on Snapchat: A Complete Guide



Snapchat has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to a full-fledged social media platform that connects friends and family in dynamic and engaging ways. Among its many features, Snapchat offers users the ability to celebrate one another’s birthdays with fun and interactive elements.

If you’re looking to make your friends feel special on their big day, or if you’re simply curious about when their birthdays are, Snapchat has got you covered.

Understanding Snapchat’s Birthday Features

Snapchat’s ‘Birthday Party’ feature is a whimsical addition that allows users to keep track of their friends’ birthdays and even celebrate them with unique Snapchat effects. But before you can start showering your friends with birthday love, you need to ensure that the feature is active.

Enabling the ‘Birthday Party’ Feature

To enable the ‘Birthday Party’ feature:

  1. Open your Snapchat app and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the settings gear in the top-right corner to access your settings.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘My Account’ section and select ‘Birthday.’
  4. Here, you can enter or edit your birthday details and toggle on the ‘Birthday Party’ feature.

By enabling this feature, not only will a cake emoji appear next to your name on your birthday, but your zodiac sign will also be displayed on your profile, adding a personal touch to your Snapchat persona.

Viewing Birthdays on the Chat Screen

Once the ‘Birthday Party’ feature is active, you’ll notice a cake emoji next to your friends’ names on the Chat screen when it’s their birthday. This small but festive icon serves as a reminder to send them your best wishes. To see more details, simply tap on a friend’s Bitmoji to access their profile, where you’ll find their birthday information, provided they have the feature enabled as well.

The Removal of the Birthday Mini

Snapchat previously offered a Birthday Mini feature that gave users an overview of all their friends’ upcoming birthdays. Although this feature has been removed, the cake emoji on the Chat screen continues to serve as a handy reminder. While the removal may seem like a step back, Snapchat still provides ample ways to keep track of special occasions.

Additional Birthday-Related Information on Snapchat

Snapchat goes beyond just showing a friend’s birthday; it delves into additional fun facts that can add depth to your birthday wishes.

Star Sign Compatibility and Birthstone

By scrolling down on a friend’s profile, you can discover charms that reveal interesting tidbits like your Star Sign Compatibility and their birthstone. These details can be great conversation starters or even inspire personalized birthday messages.

Astrological Profiles

For those who enjoy astrology, Snapchat’s Astrological Profile feature is a delightful way to explore personality traits based on zodiac signs. If both you and your friend have this feature enabled, you can share and compare your astrological insights, making for a cosmic birthday connection.

Managing Your Own Birthday on Snapchat

Adding or Changing Your Birthday

It’s essential to ensure that your birthday details are accurate on Snapchat if you want to enjoy the full birthday experience. To add or change your birthday:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu as outlined earlier.
  2. Under ‘My Account,’ select ‘Birthday’ and input your correct birth date.

Remember, Snapchat does not publicly display your age or birth year, focusing instead on the month and day to maintain a level of privacy.

Privacy and Notifications

Snapchat is known for its commitment to user privacy, and this extends to birthday information. The app notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of their profile, similar to the notification for Story screenshots. This feature helps maintain a sense of security, ensuring users are aware when their personal information is being saved by someone else.

Celebrating Birthdays on Snapchat

Sending Birthday Wishes

When a friend’s birthday rolls around, Snapchat makes it easy to send them a heartfelt or humorous message. You can create a Snap with birthday-themed filters and lenses that add a festive flair to your photo or video message. Here’s how:

  1. Open the camera screen on Snapchat.
  2. Tap on the smiley face icon next to the capture button to access filters and lenses.
  3. Swipe through the options to find birthday-themed filters, complete with balloons, cakes, and party hats.
  4. Record your message or take a picture and send it directly to your friend or post it on your Story for a public declaration of birthday cheer.

Snapchat’s Birthday Party Effects

On your own birthday, Snapchat unlocks a set of unique effects and features to help you celebrate. You might notice a birthday cake next to your name, and your friends will see it too, prompting them to send you birthday wishes. Additionally, Snapchat often includes a special birthday lens that you can use to embellish your snaps on your big day.

Hosting a Virtual Birthday Party on Snapchat

If you’re planning a surprise for a friend or organizing your own virtual celebration, consider using Snapchat’s group chat feature. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Swipe right from the camera screen to access the Chat screen.
  2. Tap on the chat bubble icon in the top-right corner to create a new group.
  3. Select the friends you want to invite and give your group a festive name.
  4. Use the group chat to share snaps, messages, and birthday wishes throughout the day.

Custom Birthday Geofilters

For a more personalized touch, you can create a custom Geofilter for your friend’s birthday. This unique feature allows you to design a filter that can be used within a specific location and time frame. To create a custom Geofilter:

  1. Visit the Snapchat website and choose the ‘Create’ option.
  2. Select ‘Filters’ and customize your design with birthday elements and the celebrant’s name.
  3. Set the date, time, and location for your filter to be active.
  4. Submit your design and wait for Snapchat’s approval.

Remember, custom Geofilters come with a fee, but they can add an exclusive touch to any birthday event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if I don’t see the cake emoji next to my friend’s name?
    Ensure that both you and your friend have the ‘Birthday Party’ feature enabled. If it’s still not visible, your friend might have chosen to keep their birthday private.
  • Can I change my birthday after I’ve set it on Snapchat?
    Yes, you can change your birthday in Snapchat’s settings, but there are limits to how often you can do this to prevent misuse of the birthday features.
  • Are birthday charms visible to everyone?
    Charms, like Star Sign Compatibility and birthstone, are only visible to you and the friend you share them with, providing a more intimate way to connect.


Snapchat’s birthday features offer a fun and interactive way to acknowledge and celebrate the special days of friends and family. Whether it’s through a simple emoji reminder or a custom Geofilter, Snapchat helps make birthdays feel more personal and memorable. By following this guide, you’re now equipped to both find your friends’ birthdays and celebrate them in style. So go ahead, spread the joy, and make every Snapchat birthday celebration one to remember!

Snapchat continues to innovate, providing users with exciting ways to connect and celebrate life’s moments. Keep an eye on updates and new features that can enhance your Snapchat experience, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy and share the happiness on your friends’ birthdays.